Sometimes I write, every now and then I give talks, but mostly I read.


Writing & Speaking

Balancing Information Density in Software

Thoughts about data ink in modern software design.

Jun 2021

Using Figma variants for better error handling design

Documenting a fundamental yet often-overlooked aspect of product design.

Jan 2021

Viget Design Ethics

I led the creation of Viget's internal and external codes of ethics.

Oct 2020

Seeing the Forest: Using Treejack for Multi-language Navigation Testing

Using Treejack to test navigation iterations across different languages.

Sep 2020

Web Brutalism, Seamfulness, and Notion

How a tool for sensemaking reconciles two distinct software design ideologies.

Sep 2020

Collaborative Information Architecture at Scale

Notes on doing IA with way more content than you can handle.

Mar 2020

Usable, Beautiful, Good

Reflections on what it means to design for good this late in the game.

Duke Ideate Conference

Apr 2019

Product Design Resources

Publications, people, and practices I’ve found useful over the years.

Apr 2019

Tech Ethics for the Rest of Us

Overcoming the crisis of ethical debt in the design industry.


Nov 2018

Mark Lombardi and the Moral Lives of Graphs

An artist's attempt to visualized hidden networks of power.

Jul 2018

Of Note: Better Text Annotations for the Web

Why 538's annotation pattern should be the standard.

Jul 2018

One Designer's Response to Khoi Vinh's Complaint

He gets most things right, but not the current state of design criticism.

Feb 2018

Notes on a Concert Schedule

Thoughts on the information design of an unassuming flyer.

Jul 2017

Shame the Confirmshamers

Another dark pattern the web doesn't need.

Mar 2017